Collection: Whale Watching from Kalpitiya

A coastal town located along the Western coastal belt of Sri Lanka in the Puttalam District, Kalpitiya is a tourist destination with resort islands, sun, sand and good food. The peninsula which is surrounded by an interesting bio-diversity due to the surrounding Indian Ocean and the Lagoon while it is also home to a marine sanctuary with various habitats including bar reefs, saltpans, coastal plains, mangrove swamps, vast sand dune beaches and salt marshes. The best time for marine activities is from December to April due to the calmness of the ocean. This season is also ideal for Whale watching while the months of March and April are the most suitable. The waters that engulf Kalpitiya brings you five types of whales including sperm whales while you will be able to witness pods of these magnificent creatures roaming around these waters. Other types include the Blue whale, Minke, Dwarf Sperm whale and the Melon-headed whale. Lakpura can organize the perfect whale watching tour with your own marine mammal naturalist and all safety equipment needed for the tour.